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Web Design and Website Development

iSite Design provides website design, development and optimisation services for small to internationally based businesses. We combine a strong customer service focus with over ten years of knowledge and industry experience to create you an affordable website, with a compelling design, extensible and robust code, and search engine friendliness. We serve customers in Bourne, Spalding, Peterborough, Stamford, Gratham, Lincolnshire and the wider UK.

Design and Development

Pretty much everyone has a website these days but standards and perceptions vary hugely on what constitutes a 'great' site opposed to an 'average site'. A number of factors dictate the overall user experience and in turn the success of your site. An example list of aims and considerations could be:

All the above, not neccessarily in the order presented, should be considered when assessing effectiveness of a site. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' answers as such, but all the influencing factors will help decide whether your site is as successful as it possibly can be.

eCommerce Systems

eCommerce - noun - Commerce that is transacted electronically, as over the Internet.

The huge rise in online shopping in recent years has completely changed the face of the high street - business now have to compete with online pricing and some shops seemed to have disappeared completely. Businesses with a saleable product have to embrace the culture and we are the perfect partner to help you build and achieve sustained online trading success.

We have years of experience in building online trading solutions - either standalone systems that are managed by you as the end user directly, or interfacing with other systems to utilise real-time stock and availablity checking.

We have developed a fully user-controlled shop system which can be used straight out of the box, branded to your style requirements or further developed to meet any specialist requirements you may have. Please view iSite's demonstration storefront for an idea of the features of one of our many systems.

We would love to hear from you to discuss any online trading requirements you have, so why not call or email us to see how we can help?

Database Design & Development

Almost all businesses use some method of database system to drive and manage products, stock, staff, inventories etc. Perhaps you have a salesforce on the road or working from home who would benefit hugely from being able to access data and information held on an internal system?

iSite has developed several approaches to providing the solution to this problem. We can interface with standard and custom database-powered software to allow you to make available data and documents normally only available in-house across the Internet.

Each requirement is slightly different but we are confident that whatever the set up of your data we can help streamline your system resulting in increased efficiency.

Contact us to talk about your data needs and objectives...

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendly websites are fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury for businesses - considering the ubiquity of mobile phones it is surprising that it has taken until relatively recently for the demand to rise to current levels - but it is only within the last couple of years with better data plans and increased '3G' availability that online browsing has become more acceptable on usually data-limited telephone contracts.

We have a page explaining our 'mobile friendly' development service here if you would like to know more about what is on offer.

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Click to download details on on our mobile websites

Click to download details on on our mobile websites
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