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Site Add-ons

ThumbCreate PDFs 'on the Fly'
Convert any database or user-entered information into print-ready PDFs for immediate download and/or print
ThumbGoogle Analytics
Google analytics ist the industry standard product for logging and analysing website performance and trends
ThumbPostcode Lookup
An integrated postcode lookup gives your website a look of professionalism plus it returns Royal Mail validated address, mapping and other useful demographic data that can be used to produce targetted marketing
ThumbImage Zoomer
This widget creates super-zoom functionality to allow users to zoom right in to higher resolution images - displaying them at a larger than the page can accomodate
ThumbQr Code Generator
Perfect for creating two-dimensional barcodes that have recently seen a huge rise in popularity for use in any number of advertising applications.
ThumbImage Watermarking
Watermarking enables a line of copyright text, a symbol or an image to be rendered onto any images that are uploaded to your site - detering other websites from utilising your content
ThumbTabbed Content
Displaying multiple blocks of information within a limited area is made easy with this add-on that allows content to be 'tabbed' in similar way to paper folders
ThumbImage Galleries
Arrays of images can be presented in an attractive format as shown here -with caption and with full control to upload, order and remove by the user.
ThumbIntegrated Charts
Presenting data in a graphical format allows users to immediately see how percentages, performances and targets relate to one another - the chart add-on is easily controlled and customisable.
ThumbFlash Flipbook
If you can remember what a 'book' was, from the days before iPads & mobile phones appeared, this handy add-on emulates flipping through pages complete with clickable indexes, page animations and sound effects.

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