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Do you have a dedicated mobile website? If not, try opening your standard website on a mobile phone, and then on your desktop or a laptop. What difference do you observe? Perhaps the site looks similar but it is very small and hard to read - or maybe some of the elements have been moved around and are in the wrong places?

A website that is designed only for desktops or laptops is not often fully compatible with mobile devices. Hence, it may not exactly fit within the screen dimensions of the mobile phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android etc, leading to an uninviting mobile web surfing experience.

A Working Mobile Site

Try pointing your mobile phone browser towards our site www.isite-design.co.uk. Viewed on a PC you will see the site you are currently looking at now - however you will see something quite different if you are using a phone/PDA - you'll find a streamlined lightweight version, but still available at exactly the same website address. Seen on a mobile phone screen the microsite will render perfectly filling the available viewing area. In fact, on phones that support landscape/portrait mode, the site will still behave gracefully. The information contained on the mobile site exactly matches that of our main website but it has been optimised to work with the viewing platform.

The Solution

The sudden rise in the mobile web surfers has led to the increase in the demand of mobile website development and it is for this reason that business need a mobile version of their site. Simply put, if you aren't offering a mobile-friendly build you are potentially missing out on a considerable percentage of would-be users - figures suggest that currently 20% of browsing is through mobile devices and the figures are still increasing.

With this in mind, we provide affordable mobile website design services, to get your website optomised for the next generation of browsing. The process followed for designing the mobile version of the site is very simple, and comprises of several elements, ranging from identifying the target audience of the mobile site to successfully launching the mobile site that works seamlessly across all mobile browsers.

We can also assist you with mobile application development to help create new functionality or integrate your existing web applications to your mobile site, so you don't miss out on those customers who are on the move and want to access their login section, buy products from your website, or are simply searching for information.

The mobile websites we design can be easily accessed on mobile phone browsers, including major smart phone platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia.

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