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About Us

iSite Design provides customers in Bourne, Spalding, Peterborough, Stamford, Gratham, Lincolnshire and the wider UK with Web Design and Website Development Services.

We are composed of a small yet highly dedicated team of web developers - each member is an integral part of the team, so unlike larger companies he/she has become well versed in every aspect of design, development and implementation.

The iSite staff are versatile, experienced and most of all friendly group that pride ourselves on flexibility and a 'can-do' attitude. Of course all this comes at a price but we are pretty confident our fees are competitive and you'd have to go a long way to beat our offering.

We are proficient in all contemporary web technologies and programming practices but we won't try to blind you with science - though if you want to talk 'jargon' feel free to give us a shout to test us out!

Our Clients

We have built up a great list of loyal clients over the years - we are happy working with businesses of any size from one man outfits on meagre budgets up to multi-nationals - please see our portfolio for some examples of recent clientele.

If you would like any references we can happily provide contact details for satisfied customers who will be more than happy to endorse our services.


Where are you based?
We are situated in Bourne, Lincolnshire - around 15 miles from Peterborough.

How do I contact you?
Click here to send us an email - or look at the top of the page.

How much will a website/mobile site/app/eShop cost?
That really depends on what is required. For a basic no-frills page design you would only be looking at double figures - the more complicated/feature-rich the site, the greater the price - but we are very reasonable and do our utmost to cater for requirements with limited budgets.

How long should my site take to build?
Developing a site is a two-way process - we'll need your feedback as quickly as possible for key development questions - the more quickly you respond the more quickly we can complete the project. Realistically a project quoted as "one week's work" may take two to three weeks to complete when taking into account time allocated for meetings, revisions and data supply.

I have fallen out with my current supplier and they won't give me a copy of our site, can you help?
We can help get your site back up and running as quickly as possible but we prefer to not mediate for you [especially in financial disputes].

Do you host websites as well as build them?
Yes - we have a bank of servers that we own and maintain [unlike most other developers who merely resell rented sever space]. This means we have 24 hour access to the machines where your data is stored, so if something was to go wrong, we can start looking into it almost immediately.

Does that mean you do email hosting?
Yes it does - just ask for details. Our hosting service includes email provisioning with anti-spam & anti-virus filtering included as standard

What about domain names?
Yes, we can register these on your behalf and help suggest possible alternatives if your ideal domain is already owned by someone else.

Can you also look after our PCs/Macs etc?
We don't do any type of hardware/software support [save for stuff we have written] - but we have a number of tried & tested partners that we can recommend who would be happy to look after your hardware needs.

Can you make our online shop/website/extranet 'talk' to third party software/database/accounts/stock system?
In a word, yes. We have years of practise hooking up disconnected systems and are more than happy to work solo or as part of a multi-company team to design & implement solutions.

We are tendering to companies and would like you supply some concepts to hopefully win the contract. What do you think of that?
We've been asked this on odd occassions. We can happily produce concept designs as a commisioned job but we don't work for free unfortunately. Our offerings stand on the merits of previous work and our friendly attitude, that has always been more than enough for genuine prospective clients.

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